Dear Friends,

I am on a "Gratitude Mission" to raise funds for my congregation and lifelong teacher Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen.

If you are grateful to a friend, a loved one, a teacher, for being part of your life's journey as Rabbi Cohen has been for me, please make a donation in their honor, or in their memory to Congregation Nishmat Am.  A suggested minimum donation is $18.00 - the number "18" (chai) represent "Life" in Judaism or any multiple of 18. 

Many of you I know through the work I have done using my music, with the geriatric population, as a teacher, as a service leader and as a chaplain.  It is because of and through the training & love by Rabbi Cohen that I have been able to do the work that I am so blessed to be able to do.  I am currently dedicating my time and energies to complete my training as a Cantor with Rabbi Cohen as my mentor and guide. Rabbi Cohen created Congregation Nishmat Am almost a decade ago to provide a place of worship for those who are in need of a spiritual family. The name "Nishmat Am" means, "Soul of the People".  Rabbi Cohen has continually fed and nurtured my soul and I in turn have been able to give to all of you.  Please help me give him honor and at the same time help us to continue to provide for our community a beautiful and unique place to worship by making a donation to the congregation that I am so blessed to now serve.

You have all been a blessing on my journey.  Please help me with a generous contribution and pass this on to all that are important in your life, and may you be blessed with joy, love, prosperity and peace.

Thank you all!

With much appreciation and gratitude,


Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen

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